Zoning Your Home Heating and Air Conditioning

Indianapolis has had a rough winter. The temperatures have been below freezing and the snow looks like it will never melt. As these cold temperatures continue to hang around, your energy bill will only increase. A zoned heating and cooling system is a great option that will help you save money without having to sacrifice comfort.

What is Zoning?

Zoning provides optimum comfort with increased energy savings by dividing your home into areas with similar heating and cooling needs. It independently controls the temperature in each are. Multiple light switches independently control lighting in different rooms, well zoning is very similar. Multiple zone thermostats or sensors control temperature in different areas of the home.

Installation is simple. Zone controls can be installed in homes with forced-air systems, mini-split systems or radiant heat systems. An ideal time to consider zoning is when you are replacing your HVAC system.

Why Do I Need Zoning?

Zoning your home creates a space that is comfortable and enjoyable. If your home is more than one level or has large, open areas you need zoning. Don’t waste money heating areas that are rarely used. Zoning allows you to reduce the heating and cooling in an unused part of your home which will substantially reduce your energy bill. This is perfect if you have finished rooms in your basement or attic that your family members don’t spend a lot of time in. How often are you eating dinner in your dining room, or having someone sleep in your guest bedroom? Zoning the temperature in these rooms is an opportunity to save you a lot of money.

Is there a daily argument between family members about the house being too hot or too cold? Zoning eliminates the frustrating “thermostat war.” Everyone can live comfortably without fighting over the thermostat.

Beware of the cheaper and older portable space heaters. They can be dangerous. You should never leave a space heater on unattended. They should also only be used for short periods of time. Do not let children play near space heaters and make sure you have a properly functioning smoke detector.

Be smart with your money this winter. Don’t let high energy bills continue to cause you frustration. Zoning your home allows you to tailor your energy to your lifestyle. It will save you money and make your home much more comfortable. For more information about how to install a zoning system in your home, contact Chapman Heating and Cooling.

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